100 Mak Nyus Bali is now available in stores!

100 Mak Nyus Bali is the newest creation of myself, Lidia Tanod, and Pak Bondan Winarno. Here, we expore Bali - both traditional and modern, especially for traveling foodies

"Kimia Kuliner" Book

Kimia Kuliner is another passion of mine: explaining food chemistry in human language. It means, you can laugh at Linus Pauling and Einstein! Published 2015.


I love food! And love to write about food. Up-market or traditional markets, street food or high cuisine.


As a chemist, I love to see the chemistry in everyday life, especially in foods and beverages. Don't worry, I'll explain it with jokes!


Sometimes I can be serious: about Indonesia, politics, the government, or the global weather. No worries, I always try to be positive!


Klik foto diatas untuk melihat update pendaftaran acara kimiasutra "Aslinya Mana?", bersama Prof. dr. Herawati Sudoyo, Ahmad Arif, dan Abdur.

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